Engagement Shoot

Engagement Shoot

Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset Wedding Photographer. UK and Interntional Photography by Justin and Emily, Orchard, Cannington, Bridgwater, Taunton, Bristol, London, Paris, Lyme Regis, Destination, Exeter, Chiefs, rugby, propWe can capture your Engagement Shoot anywhere you wish! Maybe somewhere that’s significant to you both. Maybe where you got engaged (Paris anybody?…S’il vous plaît!) or where you had your first date like Laura & Ben opposite or maybe in our orchard like Sooz & Joe below.

Somerset Wedding Photographer. UK and Interntional Photography by Justin and Emily, Orchard, Cannington, Bridgwater, Taunton, Bristol, London, Paris, DestinationInitially I think people see an Engagement Shoot (or pre-wedding photography) as a little self indulgent but there are many reasons why they are a great idea but the main one is FEAR or rather, the removal of it!

If you speak to anyone the majority will tell you they’re apprehensive about having their photographs taken by a professional photographer. It can be intimidating for one reason: fear of the unknown. They don’t know what to expect and therefore don’t want to leave their comfort zone.  Thoughts running through their heads like: “Will I be made to do cheesy poses?” “Will I feel daft?” Or will they have to pull their very best “fake-it-for-the-camera” smile for so long that they get face-ache and feel like their face might fall off? Emily and I don’t do any of these things with our couples.

We usually start by catching up with the couple, chatting about their plans for their wedding and about 20 minutes into the shoot, after I’ve spent time getting them to interact with each other naturally, or I’ve said to go for a walk and have a cuddle they’re relaxed and actually give each other natural kisses without me even asking…. oh and we usually laugh… a lot! Honestly, they even start to enjoy themselves!

People are generally also worried about what the pictures will look like – pretty much due to to the popularity of Facebook and friends/family uploading photos indiscriminately. The thing they forget with this is that all of the pictures they’ve had of themselves to date have usually been taken by friends or family with little knowledge of how to capture good photographs of people.

An engagement shoot will remove your worries. The quality of photographs from a professional photographer (if chosen wisely) will be in a different league to the ones your friends have tagged you in on Facebook.

Once you’ve seen your engagement shoot photographs you know exactly what to expect from us on your wedding day which means you can focus your attention on actually getting married, instead of worrying about the pictures.

We recently captured Laura & Ben’s wedding and their photographs are in the processing stage right at this point! They had their Engagement Shoot in Lyme Regis, Devon a few weeks before their wedding as Ben, being a Prop for Exeter Chiefs Rugby team, was limited on dates he could do until the season ended. As you can see they’re totally relaxed, just having a laugh and being themselves, even up to the jokingly point where Ben appears to drop Laura off The Cobb!

For the photographer(s) it’s a very important part of getting great photographs on your wedding day. An Engagement Shoot is a really great way for us to see how you both interact and how you are in front of the camera. Are you relaxed?  Or are you a bit stressed or self-conscious about yourself and try and hide away from it?  Are they “selfie” pro’s and play up to the camera? Is one of the couple more confident that the other?  This is all good for us to understand so we can either give encouragement or other words of advice maybe. As the couple, you get to see how we work; totally relaxed, nothing forced, staying away from shots that are too posy or ones that can appear cringe-worthy but all the while keeping the essence of fun to bring out your true personalities which is really what we deliver on your wedding day.

Sooz and Joe are getting married in August this year at St. Audries Park in Somerset. I’ve known Joe for a few years and stayed in touch over Facebook as we both used to be very active members of a local car club. Before the day’s meeting and engagement shoot we had only met Sooz once when we went to their home to chat about their wedding photography – and for them to ultimately book Emily and I to capture their day.

An Engagement Shoot really helps to strengthen the critical relationship between the couple and the photographer(s), as it allows you all a bit of extra time to get to know each other. If chosen we’re generally the one wedding supplier you’ll be spending the majority of your time with throughout the whole of your wedding or civil partnership day so it’s much more enjoyable if you feel comfortable around them.

Once you receive your proofs the photographs can be used for your wedding announcement, if you have had it early enough, or for “Save The Dates”. Some couples get a print framed with a large border for their guests to write messages around on the wedding day. They will also make great presents for your family in the run up to your wedding too.

As a side note, check out why some Chinese engaged couples are having their Engagement Shoots around London! We have done this for couples around London and at the Old Royal Navy College at Greenwich (one heck of a backdrop!) with more planned in the future!

How do you feel about engagement photography? Have you had one/are you planning one? If you’re a photographer, do you do them? Emily and I would love to hear your thoughts.

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